The future of architecture since 1889 Jean-Louis Cohen

让-路易·科恩 Jean-Louis Cohen. (2012). The future of architecture since 1889.




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  1. Sheds to rails: the dominion of steel
  2. The search for modern form
  3. Domestic innovation and tectonic expression
  4. American rediscovered, tall and wide
  5. The challenge of the metropolis
  6. New production, new aesthetic
  7. In search of a language: from classicism to Cubism
  8. The Great War and its side effects
  9. Expressionism in Weimar Germany and the Netherlands
  10. Return to order in Paris
  11. Dada, De Stijl, and Mies: from subversiveness to elementarism
  12. Architectural education in turmoil
  13. Architecture and revolution in Russia
  14. The architecture of social reform
  15. Internationalization, its networks and spectacles
  16. Futurism and Rationalism in Fascist Italy
  17. The spectrum of classicisms and traditionalisms
  18. North American modernities
  19. Functionalism and machine aesthetics
  20. Modern languages conquer the world
  21. Colonial experiences and new nationalisms
  22. Architecture of a total war
  23. Tabula rasa to horror vacui: reconstruction and renaissance
  24. The fatal crisis of the Modern Movement, and the alternatives
  25. Le Corbusier reinvented and reinterpreted
  26. The shape of American hegemony
  27. Repression and diffusion of modernism
  28. Toward new utopias
  29. Between elitism and populism: alternative architecture
  30. After 1968: architecture for the city
  31. The postmodern season
  32. From regionalism to critical internationalism
  33. The neo-Futurist optimism of high tech
  34. Architecture’s outer boundaries
  35. Vanishing points


    […] 艺术这个词是由牛津字典定义为人类创造性的表达或应用技能和想象力,通常以视觉形式如绘画或雕塑。科恩(Jean-Louis Cohen)的《1889年以来建筑的未来》(The Future of Architecture since 1889)深入探讨了艺术影响在不同国家建筑语境中的兴衰历史。 […]