Introduction: Designing with Time in Mind 08
Karen A Franck

The Nine Lives of Building 18
Jill Stoner

Built Conservation and the Unfinished Fabrics of Time 24
Federica Goffi

Juxtaposing the New and the Old 34
Eric Parry

Time Matters: Transition and Transformation in Architecture 42
Mark Taylor

Inhabiting Time 50
Juhani Pallasmaa

Time as a Medium: Early Work of Enric Miralles 60
Philip Speranza

The Presence of the Weather 66
Kevin Nute

Knowingly Unfinished: Exploiting the Temporality of Landscapes 74
SueAnne Ware

Matter Timed 82
Martina Decker

Drawing Time 88
Brian McGrath

Drawing in Time: Processes of Design and Fabrication 98
Babak Bryan and Henry Grosman

Architecture Takes Time 108
Tobias Armborst, Daniel D’Oca and Georgeen Theodore

Ever Faster But Still Very Good 114
Jonathan Mallie

No More Stopping 120
Richard Garber

Visiting Karsten Harries and Revisiting his ‘Building and the Terror of Time’ 128
Karen A. Franck

Counterpoint: Finding Time 136
Tim Makower